Hello, It's Michelle Qualls


My name is Michelle Qualls, I am an optimistic entrepreneur with a background in many areas. I started my career in the medical sector as a Certified Nursing Assistant. As I progressed in my education I found a path working in the psychiatric ward for a few years which introduced me to the ABA/Behavior Health therapy. During this time I had an opportunity to be involved in the phenomenal work with non- profit organizations. From 2017-2022 I have acquired many useful skills and tools. Sitting on the board as Marketing Director which included web design, social media management, grant writing, community engagement, and partnerships there was so much to take away for that opportunity. 2019 I made yet another career change into construction. During this short time I learned an abundance about time management and how to be most effective in a short time. While working in the environment I earned my project management certification.

I am a powerful force in the workplace and use my positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage and contribute to others success. I am currently a senior student earning my Bachelors Degree with a focus of Organizational Management, at Spring Arbor University, located in Spring Arbor, Michigan. Born and raised in Michigan, after 32 years, due to marriage I currently reside in South East, Arkansas with my husband and teenage son.

It will be my greatest pleasure to help you be successful.